Hi, my name is Sebastiaan Bax and I am a Dutch composer for visual arts. To me visual arts can be anything - film, advertisement, television, theatre. Or even pictures, paintings or designs. I have been fascinated by the correlation between image and sound for a long time. Above all because I know that they reinforce each other.

Originally I’m an educated jazzpianist. Nowadays I study Musician 3.0 at the conservatory of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Musician 3.0 focuses on the development of musicians with an "own" sound. As a musician I want to show my understanding of the power of drama and emotion, or persuasiveness. I continually use this strength while creating musical works or productions to support and uphold the images I’m working on.

I collaborate, and I have collaborated, on several projects which range from commercial / advertorial assignments to projects with sculptors and film makers. I work hard, quick, and I can bring you a large range of colors and emotions through my music. If you have any questions or if you would like to work with me, don't hesitate to contact me via email or phone! My contact info can be found below.


Zwart Goud (Black Gold) was a promofilm shot by EditieM about Zwart Goud - a coffeehouse on the Kanaalstraat in Utrecht. The owner was working on a promo with EditieM and they were very enthusiastic to have me write the score for it. The video tells the journey of a cappucino - from beginning to end. I tried to reinforce the beautiful shots and capture the essence of what Zwart Goud is as a coffeehouse: warm, vintage and personal.


Nulpunt (Point Zero) was the teaser trailer for a performance evening in TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht. A group of Conservatory Musician 3.0 students took the initiative to arrange a series of interdisciplinary performances in the Aquarium - an irregular, but wonderful room in TivoliVredenburg. In the different editions of “Nulpunt”, artists and artforms, including musicians, VJ's, dancers etc., meet to create something new. Joost Oehler wrote and narrated the poem in the teaser. While scoring the video, his tone of voice and rhythm were my starting point. We collaborated closely to make the poem and the music work together as seamlessly as possible. This is the end result.


Metabaai is a children's book, written by former play therapist Meta Henkes. In Metabaai Zoë the Whale takes you on a quest to find her treasure island, but in order to find it she learns to let go of her fear, anger, and sadness.I was asked to compose a small song to accompany this book “Ik Zing Mijn Lied” (I Sing My Song). The song relates to Zoë’s struggle to leave her negative feelings behind so she can take positive ones with her on her journey. The vocals were performed by singer Danique Kivit, who did a wonderful job giving the music the feel I had envisioned when writing it.


I was asked to write the music to the fashion shows of the Fair Fashion Festival in Utrecht, which took place the 25th of October 2015 in the Winkel van Sinkel. They needed a 13-minute composition written in a pulse for the models to walk to. My main goal was to keep the sound interesting for the audience despite the length of the piece without distracting from the clothes worn by the models. This is a compilation of photos taken during the show accompanied by the full-length composition.


Joost Oehler and I composed a jingle together for classical music radio station Radio 4 as part of a competition. Even though they were very enthusiastic unfortunately our jingle wasn’t used, nevertheless we are very proud of the end result.  In our 14-second piece we chronologically touched four different historical style periods: the Baroque era, Classical era, late Romantic era and the Impressionist era. Our composition begins with the harpsichord (accompanied by, among other instruments, viola da gamba and flute) and ends with a whole-tone scale on the grand piano. Of these, I played the harpsichord and grand piano myself. We invited five fellow musicians from the conservatory to the studio and asked them to play the same parts several times so we could accomplish a rich and layered sound. Ultimately, we played our recording in the Fentener van Vlissingen Concert Hall in Utrecht to capture the reverberation of a real room. You can experience all these things in the audio player on the right.


Wildgroeiers asked me to write the music for a small video recap about the Seks & Media Prijs (Sex & Media Award). I started with fast, jazzy drums, upright bass and piano. Wildgroeiers thought it was important for the music to have a sexy sound. So on top of those basics I recorded very smooth saxophone parts played by Elsa van der Linden. To create a rich bedding I included a lot of dense voicings and an 'airy' sound.


The Skin Collection is a successful series by Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop. On his website he explains: "The Skin Collection is a reaction to the 25-30 percent waste produced by the furniture industry." Pepe and I talked a lot about what the music should carry out. I was very fond of the first sketch I wrote but it wasn’t the perfect fit I hoped it would be. A later version hit the mark in the right spot. Finally it became a minimalist style composition that subtly guides you through the film.


Oniobesitas was a project by Zoé Daemen, a student in Fashion Communication in Utrecht. It concerns the massive clothing consumption in our society. Mark Exterkate was asked to compose the music. He requested my expertise in music for visual arts. Together we worked on a tight schedule to create a musical piece that captures the essence of the film: chaotic, slightly unpleasant and confronting.


BroMirror Me was the first time I wrote music for a visual project. My sister Marijn Bax, a known visual artist in the Netherlands, asked me to collaborate on this project with her. Her idea was to create a series of works that were about fear of failure. While working on it together it became an increasingly intense and personal experience for us. Both she and I struggled with fear of failure and wanted to explore its significance to us. As part of our project we stayed at the Loonsdrechtse Plassen for a weekend without any communication with the outside world (no cellphone, laptop etc). In those two days we had the serenity to gain perspective on our theme. I started to compose music to accompany a photo series she'd created. Based on my composition she made an artistic response to which I responded in turn. This process continued until we had made a beautiful and unpolished film, shot by Marijn at the Loosdrechtse Plassen, accompanied by the first piece of music that I wrote used as underscore.



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